Francois Cheval and Audrey Horeau from France visit the archive for 2 days in preparation for a touring retrospective, 2017

The Harold Feinstein Archive is managed by the Harold Feinstein Photography Trust. The mission of the Trust is to promote and preserve Harold Feinstein’s legacy and to organize and consolidate his substantial archive.

Activities include: working with dealers, gallerists, researchers, consultants, licensors, curators and publishers to exhibit, tour, sell, license and publish the work in addition to assisting in the production of film and video documentaries.

We are also editing, packaging, and distributing Harold’s teaching materials and researching institutional partners to house the Harold Feinstein Archive in perpetuity.

The Trust holds the copyright for all contents of the archive. Judith Thompson, Feinstein’s widow, is the sole trustee.

Curator Sarah Kennel spends the day going through prints, 2016

With a career spanning almost 70 years, Harold built an image library of over 150,000 captures in both analog and digital formats. With the support of three studio managers over the past 20 years, the archive is well-organized and its contents are easily accessible. They have helped to digitize thousands of negatives, build a Lightroom catalogue of over 16,000 files and create a durable inventory tracking system.

While there is always more to do, we feel confident that we can support your interests in finding an image or a print for your needs.

We will be releasing a searchable image archive on this website soon.

We welcome studio visits from curators, photo researchers, consultants, collectors and dealers.

In addition to black and white and color photographs, negatives, digital captures, and tens of thousands of scans, the archive contains Harold’s equipment, journals, ephemera and teaching materials.

Thanks to the Leonian Foundation, we are in the process of digitizing, editing and making available elements of Harold’s teaching materials, drawing from his writings and many hours of audio and video tape dating from the mid-1960s to the early 2000s.

Gallerist Thierry Bigaignon visiting the archive in preparation for a show in his gallery, Bigaignon, 2017

Judith Thompson is Director of the Harold Feinstein Photography Trust. She was happily married to Harold for 27 years and loves working with the archive to insure Harold’s legacy and see others get enjoyment from the work. Prior to Harold’s passing, Judith had a nearly 3-decade career in the field of peacebuilding and social healing. She has a Ph.D. in peace studies and has travelled extensively in service to her work. Yet her greatest joy was found in her marriage to Harold. Both his art and his teachings continue to bring her joy on a daily basis.

Judith Thompson, Harold’s widow is Director the Harold Feinstein Photography Trust.