The Rolleiflex camera: Love at first sight  10

Coney Island Sideshow goes uptown!  

The ICP, Earth Day and me: Celebrating the beauty that surrounds us  9

Coney Island’s Parachute Jump  4

My visit to AIPAD  1

Long before there was Photoshop… photomontages!  12

The Olympus Pen half-frame camera: Keeping it simple!  10

A Soldier’s Valentine: Bidding Farewell at Camp Kilmer, 1952  1

Thank you Dorothy Norman: Encouragement and the Creative Process  6

A monumental difference: More reflections on W. Eugene Smith  2

Up-date on the Photo League Negatives  

2012 ends with on a high note! Reflections on the Aperture Book Party  7

Getting ready for the benefit, book party and reunion at Aperture December 17th! You’re invited!  2

Coney Island and Hurricane Sandy: Down but never out!  16

At a Photo League Meeting, 1949 — Lost and Found Photographs  1

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Reflections on Art, Hope and Healing dedicated to my daughter Robin Kovary  3

Reminiscences of W. Eugene Smith, 1956  3

My book arrived!  

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