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Lunch counter on Surf Ave., Coney Island, 1982

Old “new” photographs: A lifetime of editing   22

W. Eugene Smith reviewing lay-outs for the Pittsburgh Project, © Harold Feinstein, 1956

Gene Smith, James Karales and me: Remembering the Pittsburgh Project   8

Beauty parlor window, 1965

Upon reflection: Getting into the picture you’re taking   2

Ascending Subway Stairs, 1970

How wide is wide enough? Flirtations with the Widelux   9

Kids ride the whip, Coney Island, 1950

Summer’s Last Hurrah? At Coney Island it’s never over!   2

Watching The Gyro, Coney Island, 1949

Available light: Coney Island at Night   12

Soldiers in Icy Fog, Korea, 1953

Remembering the Forgotten War: Reflections on the 60th Anniversary of the Korean War armistice, July 27, 2013   1

The PDN Awards party and other ways to have fun   1

Seeking Shade, Coney Island, 1946  This is one of my very first photographs shot the year I began taking pictures.   I love the simple framing of the square, which helps to compose the elements of the photograph.

The Rolleiflex camera: Love at first sight   10

Coney Island Sideshow goes uptown!   

Squash Blossom, Vermont, 1974
In the ICP’s  permanent collection

The ICP, Earth Day and me: Celebrating the beauty that surrounds us   9

Pigeons, 1956,  made from 9 negatives.

Long before there was Photoshop… photomontages   12

Beauty Parlor Window, Philadelphia, 1964 photographed with the Olympus Pen camera

The Olympus Pen half-frame camera: Keeping it simple!   10

W. Eugene Smith at the 4th floor window of the Jazz Loft at 821 6th Avenue, which he took over from me.  The blackened windows were inherited from me,  but the broken glass was his improvment.  Looking through it inspired his series  entitled  From My Window.  Copyright Heirs of W. Eugene Smith

A monumental difference: More reflections on W. Eugene Smith   3

Each meeting featured a photographer sharing and discussing their work with the assembled group.   Here Jacob Deschin has jumped into the discussion,  but who is the woman showing her work?   Could this be Helen Levitt?   Barbara Newhall?

Up-date on the Photo League Negatives   

Photojournalist Dan Weiner discussing his work at a Photo League meeting, 1949

At a Photo League Meeting, 1949 — Lost and Found Photographs   1

One of the album covers I created for Blue Note Records in 1957

Jazz for the soul: Blue Note records, the “Jazz Loft”, and “Eric in the Evening”   2

Gypsy Girl at the Carousel,  Coney Island,  1949

Coney Island Memoirs: Happy Birthday Cyclone and horsing around on the carousel   

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