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Commemorating Harold

Year eight: Still basking - by Judith Thompson

HAROLD FEINSTEIN (April 17, 1931 – June 20, 2015) This year I am marking the commemoration of Harold’s passing by preparing to head to France for the exciting retrospective of his work at the Mougins Centre for Photography. If you missed my post of that you can find it here. Thus, on this solstice day… Continue reading

Year Seven: Walking the Labyrinth - by Judith Thompson

“There is no right way to walk a labyrinth.”  So says my good friend, Cameron Sesto,  brilliant artist and labyrinth maker.  For the past several years she,  Allie Davis, also an artist in deed and soul, and myself, have come together weekly on zoom to share inspiration and creative longings arising initially from the COVID… Continue reading

Year Six: Still Learning from Harold - by Judith Thompson

What I do know is that I so frequently come across something Harold has written and I pause to digest the sychronicity of how it comes at just the right moment. Sometimes I cry. Not the kind of deep grieving crying of the earlier years (though that does happen too), but more a kind of poignant… Continue reading

Five timeless years: Describing the state of our soul - by Judith Thompson

HAROLD FEINSTEIN   (April 17, 1931- June 20, 2015) “There can be no regrets for that which is built out of love. The love of the work, of the image, of one’s self. When you’re in the moment, you’re in touch with eternity. That’s the only measure there is, and I don’t even consider it a… Continue reading

Becoming at home with infinity: A reflection on year four of your passing… - by Judith Thompson

My dearest Harold: Here it is again. The summer solstice. The day you departed your body. I thought it would be easier to write this year’s memorial blog post than it has been in the first three years. I woke up knowing exactly what I wanted to say. I’ve been composing it as I walk, prepare… Continue reading

In touch with eternity: Reflections from year three - by Judith Thompson

I realize there is a thread here that runs through my annual reflection marked by the day of Harold’s passing (June 20, 2015) . It’s the thread of time and no time; and it is still, for me, the frame within which grief, loss and healing exist. Last year’s post was entitled Living to the… Continue reading

Living to the point of tears: Two years and no time at all… - by Judith Thompson

After Harold died and I was sorting through pictures, I came across these two favorites and the magnet to secure them onto my refrigerator. The portraits and caption accompanied me all year. They were among the very last items I packed up when I left our house of 17 years last August. There are scores… Continue reading

Under the Strawberry Moon: Marking the passage of time - by Judith Thompson

Today is the Summer Solstice — exactly one year since my beloved Harold died. It’s also the first time since 1967 that the full moon and the Summer Solstice have coincided. The next time will be 2067. As this article in Science Alert says, this event happens once in a generation. The moon will be… Continue reading

Commemorative events mark the year anniversary of Harold Feinstein’s passing - by Judith Thompson

A few months ago I was approached by friends from the local arts community with a proposal to commemorate the one year anniversary of Harold’s passing (June 20th, 2015) and was delighted to accept. Asia Scudder, of Blue Wave Gallery in Amesbury and Greg Nikas of Sweethaven Gallery in Newburyport had already launched a lecture… Continue reading

Life is on your side: My last week with Harold - by Judith Thompson

Harold passed over on June 20, 2015. He lived a beautiful and vibrant life until his last day. He was a man who woke up laughing and went to bed with gratitude. Each and every morning he would sit at the breakfast table and say, “Well, I guess I’m just going to have to resign… Continue reading