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My father, Louis Feinstein, 1946

On Fathers and Fatherhood 2014  

Memorial Day Memories: My first show, Army Days and Coney Island  

The Hurricane at Night, Coney Island,  1946 (used on Blue Note’s  The Sounds of Jimmy Smith)

Happy Birthday Blue Note Records: 75 Years Young!  

Honey Bunch, 1987

All you need is love: Belated Valentine’s Day to my friends  12 

Beach acrobats, Coney Island,  1967

Olympics fever: Coney Island style!  

Coney Island: Playground of the World, 1948

Coney Island and Hurricane Sandy: One year later  

The PDN Awards party and other ways to have fun  

Coney Island Sideshow goes uptown!  

Here I am at AIPA surrounded by students from The New Hampshire Institute of Art

My visit to AIPAD  

2012 ends with on a high note! Reflections on the Aperture Book Party  

Signing posters at the Newburyport Framers with owners Larry and Sherry Pearl

Getting ready for the benefit, book party and reunion at Aperture December 17th! You’re invited!  

Strange Encounters, Coney Island, 1990

Coney Island and Hurricane Sandy: Down but never out!  16 

Robin’s Roses, 2000

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Reflections on Art, Hope and Healing dedicated to my daughter Robin Kovary  

My new book — Harold Feinstein:  Retrospective

My book arrived!  

Harold Feinstein signing prints for Jason Landry of Panopticon Gallery, 2012.
Photo taken by Cherie Burton

Getting ready for my retrospective show at Panopticon Gallery