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Life is on your side: My last week with Harold   14

New York Times Obituary for Harold Feinstein June 30, 2015   

Interview with Harold by Ted Forbes

Tributes to Harold   

Harold Feinstein, 1996, © Judith Thompson

Harold Feinstein: April 17, 1931 – June 20, 2015   4

Neg- CI74_CI-28_F14   can’t find neg! Was printed by Panopticon in 2010

On Fathers and Fatherhood 2015   3

Mary Ellen Mark, 1960,  Philadlephia

Remembering Mary Ellen Mark (1940-2015)   15

NegHF-3 Greek Islands   L-57 MotherNDaughter
horizontal Mother and Daughter composition from 2 frames

A mother’s love   4

Blissful baby, 1982

A grateful heart on Valentine’s Day 2015   4

Every day is Valentine’s Day with the one you love

Ode to my wife on Thanksgiving   14

Korean Little Girl, 1953

Thoughts of war on Veteran’s Day   4

Let them eat Coney Island cake! And other delicious memories from Harold’s Tribute Party!   3

Acik Radyo Music of the People poster with Coney Island Boardwalk Montage, 1952 © Harold Feinstein

The gift that keeps on giving: The Coney Island boardwalk   4

My father, Louis Feinstein, 1946

On Fathers and Fatherhood 2014   4

Memorial Day Memories: My first show, Army Days and Coney Island   3

The Hurricane at Night, Coney Island,  1946 (used on Blue Note’s  The Sounds of Jimmy Smith)

Happy Birthday Blue Note Records: 75 Years Young!   

Honey Bunch, 1987

All you need is love: Belated Valentine’s Day to my friends   12

Beach acrobats, Coney Island,  1967

Olympics fever: Coney Island style!   6

Coney Island: Playground of the World, 1948

Coney Island and Hurricane Sandy: One year later   2

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