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Vintage and Lifetime Silver Gelatin Prints

Man and wife drinking Kruger beer, Coney Island, 1950 vintage.

Harold began photographing in 1948 at the age of 15 and continued until a few years before he died in 2015. He was well-known as a master printer and almost all his older prints (vintage or printed later) were printed by him, with few exceptions.

Most of his photographs were printed on 11×14 paper, though there are a few in both 8×10 and 16×20 sizes. His paper of choice was Agfa Portriga Rapid, and he aslo printed on Dupont Varigam in the 1980s. Most are signed on recto, with a few on verso.

Very old work, which is quite rare, was mounted on board and signed on verso.

Please contact the studio for information on vintage prints. We are happy to provide you with a presentation based on your interests.

Contemporary Silver Gelatin Editioned Prints

Seeking Shade, 1948 on wall.

In 2008, Harold began supervising several other master printers to produce contemporary limited-edition prints of his work.

The majority of the editioned work is printed on 16×20 paper, though there are some 11×14 and 20×24 editions as well. Contemporary editions were printed on Ilford Multigrade Fiber or Ilford Warmtone papers and signed on recto in micron pen.

A total of 197 images were chosen for the contemporary editions. Editions were declared at 20, but many were only realized at 10. Complete catalogues of our available contemporary editioned prints are below.

Contemporary Color Editions

Pink modern rose, 1999

We have contemporary editions (20) of Harold’s color scanography images selected from his seven color books published by Little Brown between 2000 and 2008. In addition some of his earlier 35mm color street photographs and still lifes were also produced in editioned sets. Most color editions were printed on 17×22 Hahnemuhle Photo Rag papers.

Complete catalogues of our available contemporary editioned prints are below.

Vintage Color Prints

Two Red Poppies, 1980, 16×20 Cibachrome print

Vintage cibachrome and dye transfer prints of his early flower photography are available as 16×20 prints. These are quite rare. They were taken and printed in the early 1980s.

A small collection of vintage inkjet of his scanography photographs produced in the early 2000s prior to declaring editions are also available in various sizes and papers.

Posthumous Prints

– Black and white silver gelatin prints

The Harold Feinstein Archive is taking a very conservative approach to printing posthumous prints.

Boardwalk Sheet Music, 1952

Our policy is twofold:
1) We will only issue posthumous silver gelatin prints when a contemporary edition has sold out and our vintage inventory is non-existent or very few remain;
2) We may decide to selectively print some imagery that has never been printed. Before he died Harold created a wish list of images he had hoped to see printed. We are reviewing these selections and may begin to print editioned sets of some of his choices.

All posthumous prints will be printed in limited editions of 15.

To date, only one posthumous print has been produced, the internationally popular Boardwalk Sheet Music Montage, 1952.

– Color

We do sell posthumous prints of Harold’s color botanicals, shells and butterflies. These are also limited to 15 in various sizes.

Bronze Rose, 1999 (30×40″) in dining room.

We enjoy collaborating with designers, architects, art consultants and collectors to create beautiful spaces for your home, hotel, corporate offices or other institutions.


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