Happy 84th Birthday Harold!

On Friday April 17th, Harold celebrated his 84th birthday! He received this surprise video birthday card from Ted Forbes of The Art of Photography whose podcasts are seen by thousands of his subscribers worldwide. `

Happy Birthday Harold

Harold was delighted to receive the birthday greeting from Ted — signed by over 100 viewers (and growing). Messages came from Kuwait, Bangladesh, Colombia, China, Russia, Finland, Australia, Portugal, Costa Rica, Canada, and, of course, Southern New Jersey!

Ted is putting together a documentary about Harold and came to visit us in November. In February he went to New York to get a few more interviews from others about Harold’s work including Sean Corcoran, curator of prints and photographs at the Museum of the City of New York, Howard Greenberg of the Howard Greenberg Gallery and Bob Shamis, independent curator and former student of Harold’s (also former curator at the Museum of the City of New York).

We look forward to the documentary and thank Ted for helping Harold celebrate his 84th birthday!

PLEASE NOTE: The photo appearing at 2:51 in the film (couple embracing) is not Harold’s. Ted’s apologies!

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Rachel Cowan and Dorien Grunbaum

We watched the video in Tel Aviv and loved remembering your teaching and incredible loving generosity. Mazal tov on your birthday. With much love
Dorien and Rachel

Harold Feinstein

Dear Dorien and Rachel: It warms my heart so much to hear from both of you. Your impact on my life has been so memorable. I hope we see each other again! Harold

Kaethe Weingarten

If memory serves, you were discharged to hospice a little over a year ago. This must be the most productive year anyone on hospice has ever had. The outpouring from you, about you and toward you is truly amazing. Thank you of your work and your heart.


Harold Feinstein

Dear Kaethe: Yes, it’s not over till it’s over! And, one thing that has kept it all moving harmoniously this past year is the kindness and appreciation of people like yourself. I send you back thoughts and wishes for well-being on all levels of your life. Fondly, Harold

Anne Parsons

The video was such a wonderful tribute to a great man and an incredible photographer. Please add Scotland to your list of countries….Many Happy Returns, Harold.

Beverly Sterner

Ah Harold, your beaming, happy full face is also a work of art, reflecting all the love received and given. Wishing you many happy and continuous re-birthdays !
Onward, with love,

Harold Feinstein

Thank you Beverly! Onward yes!

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