All you need is love: Belated Valentine’s Day to my friends

Puppy Love, 1987
Puppy Love, 1987

The last time you heard from me was over a month ago. I was watching the Olympics and musing on Coney Island Muscle Man (a picture of me in my former body perhaps?). And I was getting ready for a Valentine’s Day blog — waxing eloquent on love (as always) and beginning to choose from among my favorite love photographs. (Really… what isn’t love anyway?)

Sergeant Flirting on boardwalk, 1951
Sergeant Flirting on boardwalk, 1951

But on the night before V-Day, when I should have been putting the finishing touches on my blog, I found myself in the back of an ambulance headed for a week-long vacation in our local hospital. On Valentines’s Day some doctors were threading a small camera into my heart to take a look around. As one good friend said in her get well email: “Aren’t you the funny man, getting your heart tinkered with on Valentine’s Day!!”

Because the picture taking tour of through my heart determined that stents are not a possibility, and open heart surgery isn’t an option, I was eventually sent home with new medications and the good care of the Merrimack Valley Hospice, which sends a wonderful nurse to keep an eye on me a few times a week. Judith continues to feed me well in body, heart and soul and my friends continue to send me such good vibes that my ticker is beating strong and transcending the expectations of the medical prognosticators! Who knows… they may kick me out of hospice!

Honey Bunch, 1987
Honey Bunch, 1987

Even though Valentine’s Day was a month ago, I’m back in the saddle where I left off and with even more reason to share some contemplations on love.

Mostly I want to give a big THANK YOU to all those who have been sending me love and healing wishes.

Really, why is there only one day in the calendar dedicated to love? Love is in the eye of the beholder and I feel so grateful to see it every day in so many ways… and to be the recipient of it. Happiness loves company and my heart is feeling supremely happy.

Judith found an article today entitled: A positive attitude may increase longevity in patients with heart disease. I turn 83 in April and I think 20 more years seems reasonable, especially with friends like you. Thanks again for the love. It’s all any of us need! Here are a few ways love has revealed itself to me!

Double Exposure, 1977
Double Exposure, 1977
Father and Son at boardwalk rail, 1948
Father and Son at boardwalk rail, 1948

Sisterhood, 1989
Sisterhood, 1989
Boyhood Pals, 1955
Boyhood Pals, 1955

Girl Kissing Char Pei, 1980
Girl Kissing Char Pei, 1980
Man and wife drinking beer, 1949
Man and wife drinking beer, 1949

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Thank you Harold for your update. You truly are an inspiration and a JOY!
Through your glorious photographs and the beautiful person that you
are, you have earned the right to enjoy life and your loved ones for many
years to come.
with much love and healing prayers
Marcia xxx

bob salzman

Hi Harold, It is great to wake up this morning and see your blog up and running and as strong as ever, and your ticker back in the saddle of love. Thanks again for sharing your vision of the world. Waiting for your posts is, for me, like waiting for the snow to arrive today, 6-10 inches predicted, so I can see the world anew dressed up for a party, with innocent snowball fights, memories of galoshes with its clasp-captured cottoncandy balls of snow rolling between my reddened slim fingers in long hallways of Brooklyn apartment buildings filled with raucous… Read more »

Kathy Bridges

These images are so beautiful…the light, composition, content so evocative…your love of life…your subjects…your work…so evident…they shine as an example to all of us…of how precious life is…we are…you are…much joy to you, Harold…

Allan MacGregor

Happy Valentine’s Day to you (and, of course, Judith) Harold!!! I was very much missing your blog and was very happy to see it come up in my email!

Barbara & I are really looking forward to being with you in late April. Until then, keep on getting better!


Toba Tucker

Dear Harold and Judith –

Words that come to mind: inspiration, kindness, devotion, infinite loving.

Kiss each other for me.

With love,



Dear Harold,
I drove by your house yesterday thinking of you and Judith and wondering how you both are doing. Thank you for posting in Facebook about your blog post. I remember you saying that learning how to be in love all the time is the way.

xo much love always

Katharine C Blakeslee

Dear Harold….
Greetings from Baltimore, it’s your old friend Katharine, sending you much love and many thoughts. For some reason looked you up and found your Valentine’s Day blog post. You have such a huge heart, of course modern medicine isn’t up to dealing with it….

Be well, I have learned so much from you over the years,


Judith Thompson

Thank you Katharine. So glad to hear from you. Hope you are well. Be in touch and tell me what you’re doing these days!

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