Paris Bulldogs, 1987

This photograph was taken in 1987 when Harold was people-watching in the outdoor cafes of Paris. Since an exhibition of Harold’s work is once again on view in Paris (Graciously Yours, Galerie Thierry Bigaignon, May 24-August 31, 2018) it seemed a logical time to post this photo, which appears in the film Last Stop Coney Island: The life and photography of Harold Feinstein.

Earlier this year filmmaker Andy Dunn previewed an edit of the film for Philippe Garner (Emeritus head of Photography, Christie’s) who appears in it. Philippe was delighted to see his good friend Robert Vallois (left) in the photo! Robert and his wife, Cheska, are pre-eminent experts in Art Deco and own three galleries  in Paris and New York.

Harold had no idea who was in this photo, but loved the scene. Now if I can only find out who the other two men are…and of course, the dog!

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