Harold Feinstein Retrospective opens at The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography in Moscow

According to Curator, Anastasia Lepikhova, it was a terrific evening on September 11, 2014 at The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography in Moscow. A festive crowd gathered for the opening of Playground of America, a six decade retrospective of Harold Feinstein’s black and white photography.

The Center consists of 6,500 square feet of space and the show consisted of nearly 100 photographs, a full wall devoted to Harold’s photomontages, including a blow-up of his seminal 1957 article in Modern Photography on the making of montages. One other wall was used to for a huge mural from one of his montages entitled Boys running into surf.

Curator, Anastasia Leptikova shares Harold's photomontages with the media
Curator, Anastasia Leptikova shares Harold’s photomontages with the media

While Harold’s health would not allow him the journey to Moscow, he was delighted to briefly join his new friends at the opening via Skype sharing his gratitude for the exhibit and some of his basic philosophy of photography.

Harold via Skype at opening of retrospective exhibit at Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography in Moscow, 2014

The exhibit, which will run until November 9th, was co-sponsored by Harper’s Bazaar magazine and Hewlett Packard. Here is a slideshow and some other photographs from the opening.

Natalia Grigorieva, Director of Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography speaks about the exhibition and introduces curator Anastasia Leptikova