Foliage, Fruits & Vegetables

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In the introduction to my second book, Foliage, horticulturist Sydney Eddison, said this about the wonders of plants and I think she speaks to my own wonder when I photographed these!

“Children look at plants and wonder. They look at every part, wonder what it does, what it tastes like, feels like, and smells like. Do the flowers make you wrinkle up your nose in distaste, or do you want to bury your face in them?

Adults lose their ability to relate to plants in this fearless, intimate way. We become too rushed and busy to look at nature’s handiwork with a child’s attentive curiosity. Harold Feinstein restores our sense of wonder and shows us how to look at plants in a new way. Through his sensitive eyes and the lens of his camera, we marvel afresh at the complexity and strangeness of nature.”

19 images

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