Harold Feinstein was born in Coney Island in 1931. When he passed away in 2015 the New York Times declared him: “One of the most accomplished recorders of the American experience.”

He began his photography career in 1946 at age 15. Within four short years, Edward Steichen, an early supporter, had purchased his work for the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art.

He joined the Photo League at 17 and became a prominent figure of the early New York City street photography scene and one of the original inhabitants of the legendary “jazz loft”.

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Paris couple by river, 1988 

From Harold’s perspective, the two best places in the world to photograph were Coney Island and Paris. In 1988 he spent several weeks in Paris and brought back thousands of black and white and color images, which still are calling out for editing! This photo was among his favorites. He said: “Paris is consonant with love. Everywhere you look couples are kissing and that romance that you thought was only from the movies is really true about Paris.”

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Photo London to share excerpts from the Harold Feinstein documentary!

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May 1, 2017

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“It’s like a long-gone America”: CNN’s #Throwback Thursday

Apr 6, 2017

When asked by CNN’s Kyle Almond about the image above, gallery owner Thierry Bigaignon responded: “When you see Feinstein’s picture you think: ‘Wow what a beautiful world. What a beautiful America. It’s like a long-gone America.’” A month ago I… Continue reading  

Report from Paris: Galerie Thierry Bigaignon

Feb 19, 2017

The exhibition Harold Feinstein: Contagious Optimism opened on February 3rd at Galerie Thierry Bigaignon to wide acclaim from the public and the press! It will run through April, which is the Month of Photography in Greater Paris. In addition to… Continue reading  

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