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Five happy teenagers lying together on the sand with a transitor radio in 1949
Coney Island teenagers, 1949
Teenagers cruising in a convertible through Times Square at night in New York City in 1957. The Apollo Theater marquee is in the background.
Cruisin’ on Saturday night, 1957. © Harold Feinstein Photography Trust.
Two soldiers, one Black, one white back to back looking out train window headed to the front in the Korean War.
Two soldiers looking out train window, 1953
Narrow vertical shadows from an outdoor sunshade fall on three people in a whitewashed outdoor cafe.
Stripes and shadows, Ibiza, 1988
Ascending the subway stairs, 1970
Quiet scene of fresh snow at night on W. !1th Street in New York City, 1991.
Night snow W 11th Street, 1991
Two little boys are spinning very fast on The Whip, a fun ride in Coney Island in 1950.
Kids ride the Whip, 1950
The late afternoon sun pours in on a man sitting at a lunch counter near Coney Island in 1980.
Lunch counter on Surf Ave, 1980
This photo captures a close up of the petal on a brozne colored rose.
Bronze Rose, 1999

Mr. Feinstein, a native of Coney Island, borrowed a Rolleiflex camera from a neighbor when he was 15 and set forth to record the sights and the people surrounding him... [He became] one of the most accomplished recorders of the American experience.