Coney Island 1940s-50s

I was born in Coney Island hospital in 1931, and I used to say that I dropped from my mother’s womb straight into the front car of the Cyclone roller coaster! As a boy my father would give me 25¢ for the day. A nickel would get me a ride on the trolley to Coney Island and for the rest of the day I’d use up the money on rides, attractions, and plenty of sweet treats. I’d earn a little more to spend by drawing portraits on the boardwalk, then I’d hitch a ride on the back of the trolley hand get home penniless and happy!


When I first picked up a camera at age 15, I headed straight for Coney Island. I continued heading there year after year for the next six decades!

In 1995 ABC Nightline did a special on Coney Island’s 100th birthday and featured my work in their program. In 2014, British filmmaker, Andy Dunn created this short video of our trip together to Coney Island as a trailer for his up-coming documentary. Both can be viewed on my video page.

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