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The International Center for Photography

Upon reflection: Getting into the picture you’re taking - by Harold Feinstein

A few weeks ago, the International Center for Photography‘s blog, Fans in a Flashbulb, put out a post entitled The Photographer’s Eye or the Eye of the Camera? , which included my photograph above. The writer, Renske van Leeuwen, was exploring the questions and layers of perception that arise from photographs that include the photographer.… Continue reading

The ICP, Earth Day and me: Celebrating the beauty that surrounds us - by Harold Feinstein

Over the week-end a friend sent me a link to a blog featuring my work. Fans in a Flashbulb: Images from the collections of The International Center for Photography is a blog that shares photographs from the ICP’s permanent collection with text by members of the staff. The International Center for Photography has 93 of… Continue reading