We were delighted that AIPAD’s PR team chose Harold’s Coney Island teenagers, 1949 as part of this year’s branding for The Photography Show.

If you’re planning to be at AIPAD this year, please stop by and visit us in Booth A42 where Anne Einstein of G.W.Einstein will be sharing the work of two of her accomplished artists: Harold Feinstein and Alexis Peskine. A dozen of Harold’s iconic images from the 1940s through the 1980s will be on display. Many are vintage or printed later and most were printed by Harold himself.

An man sits in a diner smoking as the smoke curls and wafts in the sunlight coming through a window,
Man Smoking in Diner, 1974. On view at AIPAD, Booth A42.
The late afternoon sun pours in on a man sitting at a lunch counter near Coney Island in 1980.
Lunch counter on Surf Ave, 1980. On view at AIPAD, Booth A42.
The Hurricane, 1946, on view at AIPAD, Booth A42.

We’re delighted and honored to be sharing the booth with the extraordinary Alexis Peskine whose work speaks eloquently to the tensions and issues of the African Diaspora. Growing up in Paris, his father was son of a Jewish refugee from Russia and his mother was Afro-Brazilian. The complexities of identity within the context of institutional racism worldwide inform his visual sensitivity resulting in compelling portraiture that delivers the viewer into a visceral experience of the subject’s reality.

Alexis Peskine, Aljana Moons 3, 2015 © Alexis Peskine. These two Senegalese boys beg for money for the disabled using tomato cans to collect the money and rice bags to sleep on. Peskine made costumes for them out of these cans and rice bags which shows them, not as beggars, but as they dream they could be: race car drivers and astronauts. On view at AIPAD, Booth A42.

AIPAD Details:
April 26th-28th, from 12-6pm.
Park Avenue Armory
643 Park Avenue
New York, New York 10065