All about love: New photos from The Harold Feinstein Archive for Valentine’s Day 2024

W. Eugene Smith and Margorie Lewis, Jazz Loft, NYC, 1957. A recent scan from the time when Smith was getting ready to take over Harold’s spot in the Jazz Loft at 821 Sixth Avenue in New York.

It’s Valentine’s Day and I wanted to put out a short post sharing a few new images from the studio that share the way the Harold saw and honored love. It the primary impetus behind all of his work. Here is a 35 second audio clip where he talks about seeing with the eyes of love.

“You’ve got to see other people through the eyes of someone who loves them…We forget that and we’re no longer responding to that soul.”

This short video shares 19 images about love that caught Harold’s eye from the early 40’s through the 1980’s. Most are relatively new scans and a few are old classics. You can also open up the attached PDF below. Hope you enjoy!

Valentine Blog 2024 PDF