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Harold and his Leica - by Judith Thompson

I’m headed out to Los Angeles next week to represent Harold at the opening of his show Harold Feinstein’s Coney Island at the Leica Gallery LA. It will be the first show since his passing in June, so I’m eager to be going and hope to see any of our LA friends at the opening… Continue reading

How wide is wide enough? Flirtations with the Widelux - by Harold Feinstein

After 67 years of photographing, remembering the cameras I’ve used is a bit like reminiscing about relationships. Some turn out to be real love affairs, others are flings, but no matter what, they are all old friends at this point — I’m happy to say. In the past year, I’ve written a couple of other… Continue reading

The Rolleiflex camera: Love at first sight - by Harold Feinstein

Someone once asked me what my favorite camera was. That’s easy. The Rolleiflex medium format TLR. In fact I would call it the most beautiful camera I’ve ever seen. It was relatively easy to use, light weight, extraordinarily well-constructed, simple and had the best lenses in the business. Everything worked again and again and again.… Continue reading

The Olympus Pen half-frame camera: Keeping it simple! - by Harold Feinstein

At my Aperture event recently a former student asked whether or not my new book contained any photographs taken with the Olympus Pen half frame camera I used during the mid-60’s. The answer is yes. It was a camera I loved using. Interestingly, the photo above, Beauty Parlor Window (1964), appeared on Mike Johnston’s excellent… Continue reading