Hosta leaf, © Joann Cancro

Harold’s students: JoAnn Cancro  

Snake charmer Michelle Marcel, aka Demonica, of the Coney Island USA sideshow, shows off her albino python, Phantom, for passersby on the Coney Island boardwalk, while fellow sideshow performer Fred Kahl, aka The Great Fredini, sits nearby, New York, 1995.

Coney Island: All colors and every language under the sun!  

Judith and Harold, 2014, © Louise Van Schagen

In touch with eternity: Reflections from year three  

Follow your heart, 1978

Paris preview #2: Coney Island Quietude  

Dancers’  Arms, 1978

Paris preview #1: The sculptural body  

Open Flame Tulip, 2002

Not yet sprung! Waiting for the Big Bang!  

The dream team!  Audrey Hoareau, Judith Thompson, Francois Cheval, Cory Levine, Thierry Bigaignon after the completion of two days pouring through the archive!

Preparing for a curator’s visit: Two days with Francois Cheval, Audrey Hoareau and Thierry Bigaignon  

Just a few of the great media pieces accompanying the exhibition:  Harold Feinstein: Contagious Optimism (February 2-April 30) ©Serge Ricco,2017

Happy New Year! Looking back on 2017 and forward to 2018  

One page from the Pittsburgh Project lay-out drawn by Harold Feinstein in 1956  © The Heirs of W. Eugene Smith Courtesy of the W. Eugene Smith Archive at the Center for Creative Photography.

W. Eugene Smith, Ed Thompson and the battle for creative control: A play in multiple acts  

The Cook, the photographer and the poison ivy: Story of a photo shoot  

Love through the years

Living to the point of tears: Two years and no time at all…  

From May 27, 1999, Arlington, MA

A love affair with teaching: “It’s like seeing the summer again after a long winter”  

One of the souvenirs unearthed in the basement.

Unearthing buried treasures: Discoveries in the basement, Part one!  

Haitian man with daughter, Coney Island, 1950

Dignity and the Human Spirit: MLK Day 2017  

Storefront Christ and Children was taken in 1950.  This Church,  now the Beulah Church of Christ,  is at Mermaid Avenues in Coney Island, not far from my own home.

The Broken Christ: On compassion and the nature of this earthly life  

Francoise Hebel announces Mois de la Photographie Grand Paris at a Paris press conference.Harold Feinstein work appears on screen represented by Galerie Thierry Bigaignon, one of the authorized venues for the festival © Thierry Bigaignon

The French Connection: C’est si bon!  

Ali’s daily five mile training run began at dawn. There was no one around as he jogged through the Pennsylvania farm country. In the middle of nowhere he gave a victory salute.  I feel certain he gave himself such triumphal salutes when there was no one around to record them. © Peter Angelo Simon

Peter Angelo Simon’s new book: Muhammad Ali: Fighter’s Heaven 1974  

A lone soldier stands guard on an empty, foggy road, Fort Dix, New Jersey, 1952.

The road into the unknown: A post-election Veteran’s Day reflection