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Jacob Deschin

Coney Island sheet music — of and for the people! - by Harold Feinstein

Sometimes the stars just seem to line up! I created this photo montage over six decades ago and have always loved it! The first version of it (below) was published in The New York Times in 1952 courtesy of my good friend, Jacob Deschin, the photo writer at the time. Then about a month ago… Continue reading

The Rolleiflex camera: Love at first sight - by Harold Feinstein

Someone once asked me what my favorite camera was. That’s easy. The Rolleiflex medium format TLR. In fact I would call it the most beautiful camera I’ve ever seen. It was relatively easy to use, light weight, extraordinarily well-constructed, simple and had the best lenses in the business. Everything worked again and again and again.… Continue reading

Up-date on the Photo League Negatives - by Harold Feinstein

Several months ago I posted a blog announcing my discovery of some negatives I took at a Photo League meeting from 63 years ago! I bemoaned the fact that I could only remember some of the faces from these photos and asked my readers to come forward with names of others I could not identify.… Continue reading

At a Photo League Meeting, 1949 — Lost and Found Photographs - by Harold Feinstein

Now that I’m 81, I often say to my wife Judith, “There’s nothing wrong with my memory, I just forgot where I put it!” So when I discovered some negatives from a Photo League meeting I attended 63 years ago buried in a box, I tried to conjure up my eighteen-year-old’s memory and put a… Continue reading