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Evolution of an iconic Image: Boardwalk Sheet Music Montage, 1952 to 2020 - by Judith Thompson

Just recently I made the decision to release the first estate print from the Harold Feinstein Photography Trust. I made this decision because this iconic image — unknown until 10 years ago — has sold out as a signed contemporary print while inquiries about it exceed that for any other image. I have been deliberating… Continue reading

“No rent, no cockroaches, no tomorrow”: Celebrating Valentine’s Day 2020 - by Judith Thompson

The photo above was always a favorite of Harold’s.  It was published many times, but I particularly love how he described the scene in the seven page spread for New York Newsday (1991)  in an article entitled The Man who Loved Coney Island.  But then again…Harold was a man in love with so many things.… Continue reading

Paris preview #2: Coney Island Quietude - by Judith Thompson

Included among the prints being exhibited at the up-coming show, Graciously Yours (Galerie Thierry Bigaignon, May 24-August 31) are a number of Coney Island photographs that speak to a quiet side of the famed amusement park away from the screams on the Cyclone or the barkers on the boardwalk. Harold’s own thoughts about these photographs… Continue reading

Paris preview #1: The sculptural body - by Judith Thompson

Hands, arms, legs, backs, torsos!  In his press release describing the up-coming show Graciously Yours, (Galerie Thierry Bigaignon, May 24-August 31), Thierry Bigaignon, remarks on the “omnipresence of bodies” as a key feature of the 21 prints that will be exhibited. Indeed, Harold’s attraction to the human form and his desire to capture the grace… Continue reading

On view now in NYC: Man and wife drinking Krueger beer, 1952 - by Judith Thompson

This photograph, Man and wife drinking Krueger beer, 1952 is now on view at the Keith de Lellis Gallery in New York City. The exhibition Mid-Century American: Vintage Photos from the International Photography Yearbook runs from April 12-June 15th. Others on view include Ansel Adams, Arthur Liepzig, Ruth Bernhard, and Louis Stettner. When Harold was… Continue reading

The Cook, the photographer and the poison ivy: Story of a photo shoot - by Judith Thompson

While it seems true that every photograph can tell a story either through the explicit hand of the photographer or through the viewer’s imagination, it’s not often that we hear directly from both the photographer and the subject about the context or circumstances of that moment. Last year I published a post called Ripple Effects:… Continue reading

Dignity and the Human Spirit: MLK Day 2017 - by Judith Thompson

I’ve only once before re-published a post, but feel compelled to do so today.This post on Dignity and the Human Spirit was originally published in November 2015. It shares Harold’s thoughts on the photo above in addition to introducing readers to the wonderful work of photographer Dana Gluckstein and her book Dignity, which compiles her… Continue reading

The Broken Christ: On compassion and the nature of this earthly life - by Judith Thompson

And Jesus was a sailor When he walked upon the water And he spent a long time watching From his lonely wooden tower And when he knew for certain Only drowning men could see him He said “All men will be sailors then Until the sea shall free them” But he himself was broken Long… Continue reading

The road into the unknown: A post-election Veteran’s Day reflection - by Judith Thompson

Ever since receiving Erik’s email about his reflections on this photograph, I knew I would post it on Veteran’s Day. However, I had not anticipated the post-election context within which we would find ourselves on this day. I firmly believed we would be transitioning toward the first woman President who, while not perfect or uncomplicated,… Continue reading

The 2016 season opens at Coney Island: 100 free rides on the Cyclone! - by Judith Thompson

Last Saturday, March 26th, marked opening day for the 2016 Coney Island season and the first 100 people to line up for the Cyclone got a free ride! Harold must’ve been salivating! I’m not sure when his last ride on the Cyclone was, but I bet if he could’ve taken his wheel chair on board,… Continue reading

Dignity and the human spirit - by Judith Thompson

I’ve had the pleasure in recent months to begin reviewing the many hours of audio-visual and written materials from Harold’s classes, lectures and personal journals. In fact, it’s been both exciting and daunting! So much great material of historic importance in terms of the era and time in photography, but also his approach to teaching,… Continue reading

Ripple effects: Subject, student and teacher remember a moment in time - by Judith Thompson

“Back in the 70’s I used to model for Harold’s classes.He took a beautiful picture of me which he called Lady in the Lake. It is in his book Harold Feinstein: A Retrospective.Would love to meet you.” Thus read the email I received a month ago from Susan Auslander who was 20 at the time… Continue reading

“What’s a selfie?” and other thoughts about self-portraits - by Judith Thompson

In 2014 when Lumiere in Atlanta was exhibiting View from the Street: The work of Vivian Maier and Harold Feinstein we were simultaneously editing contact sheets with an eye toward remaining images to be printed in limited editions. We had the help of some curators and dealers in the process. A few of the self-portraits… Continue reading

You can’t take Brooklyn out of the boy: Remembering the summer of ’49 - by Harold Feinstein

I’m not sure who came up with the expression: You can take the boy out of Brooklyn, but you can’t take Brooklyn out of the boy. but it’s one I often use. My wife cringes whenever she here’s me say this since I’m generally about to make some excuse for some old habit that is… Continue reading

The gift that keeps on giving: The Coney Island boardwalk - by Harold Feinstein

I’ve never heard of a Cannes Lion before. I guess its the equivalent of an Oscar in the world of creative communications. According to Ergin Binyildiz, the chief creative officer for Havas Worldwide‘s Turkish office, “Cannes is the peak of creative competition, and any success recognized there is a success recognized by the whole world.”… Continue reading

Available light: Many shades of white - by Harold Feinstein

It’s mid-winter now and I figure it’s best to consider the season through the eyes of appreciation or risk succumbing to the winter blues (or acting on impulse and flying off to the tropics, which seems like a great, but impossible, alternative!) Looking outside my window, I see a carpet of white and realize that… Continue reading

Veteran’s Day, the U.S. Postal Service and me - by Harold Feinstein

I love art for the people! In a recent blog, I shared how Turkey’s Radyo Acik requested the use of my photograph Coney Island Boardwalk Montage (1950) to brand their Music of the People campaign. I’m happy about that and look forward to receiving one of their posters in the mail! But perhaps the ultimate… Continue reading

Coney Island sheet music — of and for the people! - by Harold Feinstein

Sometimes the stars just seem to line up! I created this photo montage over six decades ago and have always loved it! The first version of it (below) was published in The New York Times in 1952 courtesy of my good friend, Jacob Deschin, the photo writer at the time. Then about a month ago… Continue reading