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“No rent, no cockroaches, no tomorrow”: Celebrating Valentine’s Day 2020  

Follow your heart, 1978

Paris preview #2: Coney Island Quietude  

Dancers’  Arms, 1978

Paris preview #1: The sculptural body  

Man and wife drinking Kruger beer, 1952. One of the prints exhibiting at Arles and also appearing in the book The life and work of Sid Grossman, which will include works by some of Grossman’s students.

On view now in NYC: Man and wife drinking Krueger beer, 1952  

The Cook, the photographer and the poison ivy: Story of a photo shoot  

Haitian man with daughter, Coney Island, 1950

Dignity and the Human Spirit: MLK Day 2017  

Storefront Christ and Children was taken in 1950.  This Church,  now the Beulah Church of Christ,  is at Mermaid Avenues in Coney Island, not far from my own home.

The Broken Christ: On compassion and the nature of this earthly life  

A lone soldier stands guard on an empty, foggy road, Fort Dix, New Jersey, 1952.

The road into the unknown: A post-election Veteran’s Day reflection  

Cyclone First Drop, 1950, Coney Island

The 2016 season opens at Coney Island: 100 free rides on the Cyclone!  

Haitian man with daughter, Coney Island, 1950

Dignity and the human spirit  

Ripple effects: Subject, student and teacher remember a moment in time  

Man in the mirror, Philadelphia, 1964

“What’s a selfie?” and other thoughts about self-portraits  

Children with fiddler in Brooklyn, 1949

You can’t take Brooklyn out of the boy: Remembering the summer of ’49  

Acik Radyo Music of the People poster with Coney Island Boardwalk Montage, 1952 © Harold Feinstein

The gift that keeps on giving: The Coney Island boardwalk  

Available light: Many shades of white  15 

Standing Guard, Korea, 1953

Veteran’s Day, the U.S. Postal Service and me  

Boardwalk Sheet-music Montage, Coney Island, 1950

Coney Island sheet music — of and for the people!  14 

W. Eugene Smith and me at Helen Gee’s Limelight Gallery, 1957