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Jazz Loft

Happy Birthday Blue Note Records: 75 Years Young! - by Harold Feinstein

It’s the 75th anniversary of Blue Note and celebrations abound. I’ve decided to re-post a blog I wrote almost two years ago sharing my time living in the “Jazz Loft” and designing record jackets for Blue Note. I’ve added a more complete gallery of my own album covers and additional links to let you know… Continue reading

The PDN Awards party and other ways to have fun - by Harold Feinstein

It was a quick trip down to New York for the PDN Photo Annual Awards party. Definitely a good time was had by all, including yours truly. My book Harold Feinstein: A Retrospective received an award in the Photo Books category together with other esteemed folks. I felt particularly honored because my personal favorite book… Continue reading

A monumental difference: More reflections on W. Eugene Smith - by Harold Feinstein

One morning last week I sat down at the breakfast table and Judith greeted me with: “Wait till you hear this!” She proceeded to read me the first sentence from a blog posting she’d just come across. The author Daniel Milnor a documentary photographer living in the Southwest bemoaned “I somehow managed to graduate from… Continue reading

Jazz for the soul: Blue Note records, the “Jazz Loft”, and “Eric in the Evening” - by Harold Feinstein

It was 1954 and I was 23 when I became one of New York City’s first loft-dwellers. I moved into 821 Sixth Avenue in New York with painter David Young and musicians Hall Overton and Dick Carey. I hadn’t been back from Korea for too long, my marriage had ended and I was out of… Continue reading