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From Harold’s notebook…

Coney Island: All colors and every language under the sun! - by Judith Thompson

“When people come to this country and they see the Statue of Liberty, I think there should be a sign there that says ‘Come with me to Coney Island first!’  Because whatever New York is to the United States, Coney Island is to New York. It’s a multitude of all colors and every language under… Continue reading

Not yet sprung! Waiting for the Big Bang! - by Judith Thompson

Do I have your attention?  Spring? Seduction by color, shape, sound, fragrance? Crocuses? Tulips? Dogwood? The riotous scream of YELLOW shooting from the forsythia, followed by the reds, oranges, and pinks of tulips? Whatever happened to “in like a lion and out like a lamb?”  We got the lion coming and going! So I say: “Let’s… Continue reading

A love affair with teaching: “It’s like seeing the summer again after a long winter” - by Judith Thompson

At long last, and with the help of my good friend and renaissance man, Jason Novak, I am making a small dent in reviewing, editing and packaging the huge volume of audio-visual materials that provide an inspiring record of Harold’s 56 years of teaching. I have over 20 hours of video and 100 hours of… Continue reading