“It’ll always be the first kiss”: Memories for Valentine’s Day 2019

A kiss from Judith,  2014

Harold liked to say:  “It will always be the first kiss” when he talked about his love of life. I was blessed with a 27 year marriage to someone who never let me forget how much he loved me; who maintained a consistent  appreciation of life — and of me! As he got older, he would jokingly tell people “the secret of a good marriage is…she’s always right!” This was just one indication of how light-hearted he was with most things and how  his humor created an atmosphere of warmth and acceptence.  What our marriage taught me is how important it is to let your partner know — as often as possible — the love you feel.

Once a friend asked us: “What do you like to do together?” And we both answered at the same time (unrehearsed and unexpectedly!), BE together!” We just enjoyed the presence of the other so much that we often sat at the dining room table in the morning with the sun coming in or the snow coming down and just kind of basked in a particular quality of being-ness that was so delicious and nourishing.  And after a while either he or I would say: “You know, don’t you?” To which the other would nod and smile…”Yes, I know”. Simple words. Pristine presence and pleasure. In the midst of whatever are the complications and complexities of life, we would count our blessings daily, saying: “It’s never lost on me for a moment.”

And to this day, after four years of his absence, I can say to my  departed Valentine, wherever he is: “It’s never lost on me for a moment.” Thanks my beautiful Harold, for 27 years of basking in the sunshine of your love.

Here’s a small gallery of how Harold saw the world through the eyes of love. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Bidding Farewell at Camp Kilmer, 1952


Boys together, 1988, Italy
Sunbathers, Coney Island, 1950
Double exposure lovers, Philadelphia, 1965