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All about love: New photos from The Harold Feinstein Archive for Valentine’s Day 2024 - by Judith Thompson

It’s Valentine’s Day and I wanted to put out a short post sharing a few new images from the studio that share the way the Harold saw and honored love. It the primary impetus behind all of his work. Here is a 35 second audio clip where he talks about seeing with the eyes of… Continue reading

“No rent, no cockroaches, no tomorrow”: Celebrating Valentine’s Day 2020 - by Judith Thompson

The photo above was always a favorite of Harold’s.  It was published many times, but I particularly love how he described the scene in the seven page spread for New York Newsday (1991)  in an article entitled The Man who Loved Coney Island.  But then again…Harold was a man in love with so many things.… Continue reading

“It’ll always be the first kiss”: Memories for Valentine’s Day 2019 - by Judith Thompson

Harold liked to say:  “It will always be the first kiss” when he talked about his love of life. I was blessed with a 27 year marriage to someone who never let me forget how much he loved me; who maintained a consistent  appreciation of life — and of me! As he got older, he… Continue reading

“If this isn’t love, then maybe I’m crazy!” Happy Valentine’s Day 2016! - by Judith Thompson

One of Harold’s favorite expressions was, “If this isn’t love, then maybe I’m crazy!” He often sang the words with a catchy tune. I later discovered that the song was from the Broadway musical Finian’s Rainbow. The original lyrics said: “If this isn’t love, the whole world is crazy”, but Harold’s adaptation was definitely truer… Continue reading

A mother’s love - by Harold Feinstein

One of my fondest memories as a boy was my mother waking me up each morning. With one hand she would squeeze my foot and in the other she held a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. I would come to remember her as someone who taught me joy. Sophie Reich, my mother, was born… Continue reading

A grateful heart on Valentine’s Day 2015 - by Harold Feinstein

We are all born gifted. The gift is life itself! The truth of these words, which I have often said to my students, has never been clearer to me than during this past year. A year ago on Valentine’s Day I was in the hospital recovering from a heart attack. A few weeks later I… Continue reading

Ode to my wife on Thanksgiving - by Harold Feinstein

I’m happy to say that in our home everyday is a day of gratitude. Recently I woke up in the early morning and wrote a poem to my wife, Judith. The night not yet over As I lie with my head on my morning pillow filled with words yearning to get out to weave a… Continue reading

A Soldier’s Valentine: Bidding Farewell at Camp Kilmer, 1952 - by Harold Feinstein

While Valentine’s Day seems to be just another opportunity for card companies to cash in on mass produced emotions, I was surprised to find out that the original St. Valetine (Valentinus) was persecuted and killed under the Roman Emperor Claudius II for the heinous crime of performing clandestine weddings for soldiers, who were forbidden to… Continue reading