“No rent, no cockroaches, no tomorrow”: Celebrating Valentine’s Day 2020

Sergeant Flirting, 1951
From the New York Newsday cover article,  The Man who Loved Coney Island, 1/27/91

The photo above was always a favorite of Harold’s.  It was published many times, but I particularly love how he described the scene in the seven page spread for New York Newsday (1991)  in an article entitled The Man who Loved Coney Island.  But then again…Harold was a man in love with so many things. This is what made living with him such a joy. I love his description “He’s got more stripes around the twinkle in his eye than he’s got on his arm.”   Takes one to know one!

The photo below of Harold and myself was taken one year before the publication of the article in Newsday’s Sunday Magazine.  The twinkle in his eyes were a permanent fixture on his radiant countenance (you gotta admit,  right??)  While I am notoriously embarrassed by  almost every photograph of myself (ah vanity!), somehow the ones with Harold (or taken by him) almost always met my approval. Happiness creates the right spontaneity for the heart to shine through unabashedly. His always did. What a gift. Valentine’s Day 365 days a year. Miss you Harold! xoxox

On the beach, 1990, © Beth Black (my lovely sister)

“There’s nobody there but them…no rent, no cockroaches, no tomorrow.”