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Memorial Day

What to remember: Reflections on Memorial Day 2021 - by Judith Thompson

Unquestionably war has touched us all. Every single person, no matter who they are or where they live, has been touched by war. Scars from the traumas of war are passed down throughout generations and layered with new scars  as the self-perpetuating cycles of war and violence continue to be fueled partly by the unhealed… Continue reading

Different kinds of war: Reflections on Memorial Day 2020 - by Judith Thompson

As I looked through Harold’s Draftee series for some appropriate photographs to share on this 2020 Memorial Day observance,  the irony of the one above did not escape me. This GI is getting inoculated in both arms as a way to prepare for the war overseas. Harold went off to Korea in 1952. Approximately 35,000… Continue reading

Memorial Day Memories: My first show, Army Days and Coney Island - by Harold Feinstein

Fifty-nine years ago, my first one-man show was about to be taken down. It hung during May 1955 at the Little Gallery of the New York Public Library and came down on Memorial Day of that year. (My very first show was as part of a group show at the Whitney in 1954). I was… Continue reading