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night photography

Getting it together with Getty Images - by Judith Thompson

It’s been a real pleasure getting to know Bob Ahern, Director of Archival Imagery at Getty Images. I was happy to see his recent contribution to The Eye of Photography, announcing the distribution partnership between Getty and Conde Nast. We met over a glass of wine during my recent trip to NYC for the AIPAD… Continue reading

Available Light: Times Square at Night - by Harold Feinstein

As a boy growing up in Brooklyn, my first exposure to Times Square was during the day. While Coney Island was my first location of choice, I loved playing hooky from school and heading uptown to Times Square to catch the first run movies complete with live stage show and organ music at intermission and… Continue reading

Available light: Coney Island at Night - by Harold Feinstein

As a street photographer, my typical modus operandi was to set my camera to automatic exposure (if possible), with great depth of field and bring lots of film, which I bought 100 feet at a time and rolled onto cartridges myself. This way I had my camera at the ready and could just click away… Continue reading