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Evolution of an iconic Image: Boardwalk Sheet Music Montage, 1952 to 2020 - by Judith Thompson

Just recently I made the decision to release the first estate print from the Harold Feinstein Photography Trust. I made this decision because this iconic image — unknown until 10 years ago — has sold out as a signed contemporary print while inquiries about it exceed that for any other image. I have been deliberating… Continue reading

The gift that keeps on giving: The Coney Island boardwalk - by Harold Feinstein

I’ve never heard of a Cannes Lion before. I guess its the equivalent of an Oscar in the world of creative communications. According to Ergin Binyildiz, the chief creative officer for Havas Worldwide‘s Turkish office, “Cannes is the peak of creative competition, and any success recognized there is a success recognized by the whole world.”… Continue reading

Coney Island sheet music — of and for the people! - by Harold Feinstein

Sometimes the stars just seem to line up! I created this photo montage over six decades ago and have always loved it! The first version of it (below) was published in The New York Times in 1952 courtesy of my good friend, Jacob Deschin, the photo writer at the time. Then about a month ago… Continue reading

Long before there was Photoshop… photomontages - by Harold Feinstein

Last week I was asked to speak at the Endicott College School of Visual and Performing Arts, a great little gem of an art school overlooking the ocean in Beverly, MA. I was a special guest for the opening of an exhibition curated by Boston University’s Photographic Resource Center entitled “Unconventional Inventions: Innovative, unusual, and… Continue reading