Year Seven: Walking the Labyrinth   2

Year six: Still learning from Harold   

Fatherly Inheritances: 2021 Father’s Day   2

What to remember: Reflections on Memorial Day 2021   2

Evolution of an iconic Image: Boardwalk Sheet Music Montage, 1952 to 2020   

What’s the July 4th week-end without Coney Island? Will apple pie be the next to go?   

Five timeless years: Describing the state of our soul   10

“Make Freedom Real”: James Baldwin on art, truth and change in America   

Different kinds of war: Reflections on Memorial Day 2020   3

Roses and prayers for Therese on Mother’s Day, 2020   4

Earth Day at 50: A Hush Across the Land   15

Happy 89th Birthday Harold! Remembering what’s important   6

A Love Letter to New York: We Stand With You!   

Reflections on vulnerability, connection and art in a time of crisis: With gratitude to my friends   

“No rent, no cockroaches, no tomorrow”: Celebrating Valentine’s Day 2020   

Prints and printmaking, part 2: The allure of the darkroom   1

“They were all missing someone”: Harold Feinstein’s Korean photographs, Veteran’s Day 2019   

Prints and printmaking, Part 1: Silver gelatin vintage, printed later and modern prints; what’s the difference?   1

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