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W. Eugene Smith

W. Eugene Smith, Ed Thompson and the battle for creative control: A play in multiple acts - by Judith Thompson

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances. And one man in his time plays many parts.” William Shakespeare, from “As you Like It” Several months ago I received a few emails from friends pointing me to a highly entertaining blogpost written by… Continue reading

Harold and his Leica - by Judith Thompson

I’m headed out to Los Angeles next week to represent Harold at the opening of his show Harold Feinstein’s Coney Island at the Leica Gallery LA. It will be the first show since his passing in June, so I’m eager to be going and hope to see any of our LA friends at the opening… Continue reading

Gene Smith, James Karales and me: Remembering the Pittsburgh Project - by Harold Feinstein

I want to recommend to my readers a terrific blog post recently published in The Paris Review written by Sam Stephenson. Entitled In the Darkroom with W. Eugene Smith, the blog shares some of the history of Gene’s passionate, and some would say obsessed, absorption in The Pittsburgh Project — an undertaking that Stephenson aptly… Continue reading

W. Eugene Smith and me at Helen Gee’s Limelight Gallery, 1957 - by Harold Feinstein

Not a week goes by that I don’t think of W. Eugene Smith with a real sense of nostalgia. He was one of the most important people in my life, and a man who I truly loved. Just last week I was saying to Judith that I ought to do a blog about Gene and… Continue reading

The PDN Awards party and other ways to have fun - by Harold Feinstein

It was a quick trip down to New York for the PDN Photo Annual Awards party. Definitely a good time was had by all, including yours truly. My book Harold Feinstein: A Retrospective received an award in the Photo Books category together with other esteemed folks. I felt particularly honored because my personal favorite book… Continue reading

The Olympus Pen half-frame camera: Keeping it simple! - by Harold Feinstein

At my Aperture event recently a former student asked whether or not my new book contained any photographs taken with the Olympus Pen half frame camera I used during the mid-60’s. The answer is yes. It was a camera I loved using. Interestingly, the photo above, Beauty Parlor Window (1964), appeared on Mike Johnston’s excellent… Continue reading

A monumental difference: More reflections on W. Eugene Smith - by Harold Feinstein

One morning last week I sat down at the breakfast table and Judith greeted me with: “Wait till you hear this!” She proceeded to read me the first sentence from a blog posting she’d just come across. The author Daniel Milnor a documentary photographer living in the Southwest bemoaned “I somehow managed to graduate from… Continue reading

Reminiscences of W. Eugene Smith, 1956 - by Harold Feinstein

My recent opening at Panopticon Gallery was marvelous for so many reasons. First, there was the long-awaited moment of holding my new book in my own hands and getting high on the gorgeousness of the tactile product. (Once again, kudos to Chris Pichler at Nazraeli Press for his stellar job in publishing the book and… Continue reading

Jazz for the soul: Blue Note records, the “Jazz Loft”, and “Eric in the Evening” - by Harold Feinstein

It was 1954 and I was 23 when I became one of New York City’s first loft-dwellers. I moved into 821 Sixth Avenue in New York with painter David Young and musicians Hall Overton and Dick Carey. I hadn’t been back from Korea for too long, my marriage had ended and I was out of… Continue reading